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What are the characteristics and use of self adhesive tape

Dec 5, 2015

Sself adhesive tape is felt for the child group,after dipping high-quality 100 # asphalt saturated and made up.There have been 150 years of history in North America, and has been flourishing.The sself adhesive tape holds in the roofing products on the market rate of more than 15%. Practice has proved that the self adhesive tape in roof waterproof durability can reach more than 30 years, it is the roof waterproof products with a high quality and low price.

     Product specifications:

     The organic tire roofing nominal width is 914mm.

The organic tire roofing nominal thickness is 0.6mm, 0.8mm, 1.2mm.

The nominal per roll roofing area of 20 square meters, 40 square meters.

The organic roofing used in tire tyre base is felt.

The organic tire roofing impregnated material for 100# petroleum asphalt.

     Applicable scope:

     It is suitable for flat roof or sloping roof construction, the waterproof layer below all tile material and other roofing materials.

It can be used as protective layer SBS roof waterproof layer, protective layer or other construction.

It can be used as packaging materials have waterproof function.

     Product features:

     The saturated asphalt material has good waterproof performance.

Have excellent resistance to low temperature and high temperature performance, the construction can be C and 40 C in -10 environment.

The good weather resistance.

The excellent anti-aging properties.

     Construction points:

     The base should be solid, smooth, dry

.We generally use the pin cushion construction method, pin density is generally recommended per square metre of nails around 30.

The shop is stuck to smooth, not wrinkle.

The same membrane lap width not less than 500mm, the upper and lower sheet lap width not less than 80mm.

The rain and snow and windy days can not be more than five of construction, the temperature is below zero for construction.


     The use of self adhesive tape is not exposed. Protective layer is required when exposed.

The coil of vertical stacking and don't more than two layers, transport and storage temperature is not higher than 50 DEG C.

     Field of use:

     1 roofing waterproof, waterproof construction of new project, waterproof treatment of construction joints and waterproof sealing of polymer waterproof coiled material.


2 Municipal Engineering in the construction of subway tunnel structure construction joints sealing waterproof processing.


     3 color pressure plate seams waterproof, shock absorber. The air tightness, waterproof, shock absorption of the joint in the sunshine board project.

     4 bonding sealing treatment in automobile assembly.


5 steel structure in the construction of the waterproof sealing.


6. Composite aluminum foil butyl adhesive tape is suitable for all kinds of civil roof, color steel, steel structure, waterproofing materials, PC boards, such as in the sunlight waterproof seal.

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