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Excellent quality and excellent price of reflective safety tape

Dec 5, 2015

Principle of reflective safety tape:Reflective safety tape in the reflective part is the use of high refractive index glass beads back reflection principle,By focusing on postprocessing's advanced technology. It can reflect the distance from the point of light reflection to the light, no matter in the day or night have a good reflection optical performance. Especially in the evening, can play as high visibility as the day. Reflective tape made of this high visibility reflective material, regardless of whether the user is in a remote place, or in the case of light or scattered light interference can be more easily found by night drivers. The emergence of reflective material successfully solved the "see" and "be seen" this night driving problem.

     Material properties of reflective safety tape:

     1, with the ordinary light box printing cloth, advertising 24 hours to achieve visibility.


2, compared with the light source, such as lamp box and lamp, etc., which have the advantages of environmental protection, easy maintenance and lower cost.


3, with the general reflective material: comparison with reflecting strength and tensile strength can be painted and stronger.


4, reflective printing material with reflective material has unique way to add security features.

     Applicable of reflective safety tape:In the dark and in the night, light and light will be able to meet the reflection and fluorescence of a tape, a warning and reminder, mainly for road, car, ship, channel, stage, all kinds of channels and related machinery and equipment used in the factory more. Dangerous place.

     Reflective safety tape can be divided into: yellow and black twill, reflective tape, red and white twill, reflective tape, yellow black positive lines, reflective tape, red and white are lines, reflective tape, reflective body paste.

     The company is in line with the principle of excellent quality, excellent quality, excellent price, adhere to the people-oriented, integrity management, customer first, quality first purpose. Specializing in the production of a variety of colors, a variety of material specifications of reflective material, including laser reflective film, sky full of stars, small squares, cat's eye, PTO materials, soft and hard materials 2D, 3D stereoscopic vision pictures, safety supplies, the company headquarters She Zaiqian Town, Wenzhou Zhihui reflective material Co., Ltd. has a complete and scientific quality management system. Our company's integrity, strength and quality of products recognized by the industry. Welcome all friends to visit our company to visit, guidance and business negotiation.

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