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Characteristics and application range of pressure sensitive tape

Dec 5, 2015

   The pressure sensitive tape is a special type of adhesive tape, which is made of a special adhesive (PSA) coated on a ribbon substrate. It is composed of pressure sensitive adhesive, base material, bottom glue, back treatment agent and so on. Pressure sensitive adhesive is the most important part of the pressure sensitive tape. Its role is to make the adhesive tape has the pressure sensitive adhesive properties. As the main substrate fabric, plastic film, paper etc..Bottom glue is used to increase the bond strength between the pressure sensitive adhesive and substrate.When we want to use it,we gently press can make the surface of the adhesive tape with the sticky substance.

     Features of pressure sensitive tape:

     1, after stripping it does not pollute the stick, when the error can be corrected, and it can be used repeatedly.


2, easy to operate, can greatly improve the production efficiency and product aesthetics

     3, elasticity, not easy to break

     4, non-toxic, tasteless, tasteless, suitable for food packaging

     Characteristic of pressure sensitive tape:

     1) bonding effect can be achieved by applying pressure (non water, solvent, heating) to a short time.

     2) pressure sensitive tape overcomes the solvent evaporation and the required drying time, can improve the operating environment of the structural adhesive operation.

     3) no contamination of the strip is modified when it is attached to the stick and can be used repeatedly.


4) the operation is convenient, can greatly improve the production efficiency and product appearance

     5) part of the replacement of the traditional screws, rivets, welding and other mechanical fixation


6) pressure sensitive tape has a remarkable effect on the light weight and the cost of the product.

     7) characteristics of solvent type acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive:

     8) high transparency, weather resistance and heat resistance (-40~200 C) superior


9) oil resistance, solvent resistance, water resistance

     10) type, performance, design, strong


11) the performance is stable, not easy to change color, and the substrate is closely related

     12) polymer cohesion is high, suitable for high durability requirements of products

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