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Structure and application of 3M masking tape dispenser

Dec 5, 2015

In art, the masking tape dispenser is do spray when used, it is combined with the airbrush to let the masking tape blocking without printing place.In addition, masking tape dispenser is suitable for interior decoration, paint cover. Suitable for painting, paint, leather and other plastic oil painting masking and silk printing, strong picture.Mainly used in the industry as follows: auto parts suppliers, aircraft production and other means of production, large and medium-sized passenger car and other means of transportation, automobile repair, vessel and other water, transportation and other industrial plants, printing paper, all kinds of electronic and electrical equipment manufacturers and other industrial uses.

     3M is the originator of masking tape dispenser, 3M company in 1925 invented the world's first masking tape dispenser.

     Structure:1 the upper yellow is the back material and anti sticky layer, easy to tape solution.

                2 red that layer is back material, provide the physical properties of the tape structure.

                3 black layer is the bottom coating layer, used to increase the adhesive on the back of the adhesion, to avoid residual adhesive.


4 the green layer is an adhesive layer, which provides a very important part of the adhesive tape, and also the adhesive tape.

     Product series:After many years of continuous improvement and perfection, 3M masking tape has formed a series of high quality and full range of shielding products. (as shown in Figure)

Frequently used tape

Low temperature shielding (<66 93)

- textured paper tape: 22142002307

- plastic substrate tape: 471

Middle temperature shading (93 ~ 121)

- textured paper tape: 2308232

- plastic substrate tape: 218

- duct tape: 6969897939003903

High temperature shielding (149 ~ 177)

- textured paper tape: 23642310M, 231214

- plate paper tape: 24425252526

- fine edge masking tape: 47344737

     Application:3M masking tape dispenser has been successfully used in many fields, including automobiles, trains, airlines, ships, electronics, home appliances and home improvement, providing customers with innovative and practical solutions.

Is committed to better meet the needs of customers, this idea has become the driving force for 3M innovation, a century, 3M has more than 60000 kinds of new products come out, 35% of the sales from nearly four years of development of new products.

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