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Testing method for viscosity of gummed paper tape

Dec 5, 2015

1 scope of application

     This standard is suitable for the testing of gummed paper tape. 

   2 Definition

     Holding viscous - the ability to resist the displacement of the gummed paper tape when the weight of the gummed paper tape is suspended in the length of the gummed paper tape. Generally used to move a test plate on the test board to move a certain distance or a certain period of time to move the distance.

    3 principles

      Take a test piece test plate is vertically fixed on the test stand, the specimen weights lower suspension provisions. After a certain period of time, the amount of test piece on the test plate or the displacement of the test piece to the time required to complete the test plate.

    4 device

      Specific include: the test stand the test board, knock code, loading plate and a cylindrical pin, a rolling device, cleaning agent and cleaning materials, measuring, and the timer.

    5 test piece

      After the 3 - 5 - - ring gummed paper tape is removed, the specimen is removed at a rate of about 300mm / 200mm, which is the same rate as the isolation layer at the same rate, and the length of the test piece is 5 100mm, which is about 25mm. After the sample solution volume, in addition to the tensile deformation of the larger, allowing for the time of parking is not greater than 3min, the general should be immediately cut the test piece, the test. The adhesive parts of the specimen and the plate are not allowed to touch the hands or other objects.

    6 test conditions

     When the temperature and humidity of the test are performed according to the relevant product standards. Preparation of test piece before the specimen should be removed from packaging materials, do not overlap in the temperature for 23 + 2 degrees, relative humidity 65 + 5% placed more than 2 hours. 

    7 test procedure

    8 test results

       The test results are the maximum, minimum and the arithmetic average of 5 test pieces. Where the displacement data accurate to the 0.1mm, the time data is more than 1 hours of accurate to the minute, within 1 hours of accurate to seconds.

    According to the result, it is known that the viscosity of the gummed paper tape.

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