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Thin electronic band of common sense

Dec 5, 2015

Thin electronic band is usually made of soft polyvinyl chloride (PVC) film as the substrate, coated with a specific adhesive, so it is also known as PVC. Thin electronic band has weather resistance, wear resistance, acid and alkali, anti - aging, flame retardant, coating, and from the shape of the electrical insulation, widely used in all walks of life, suitable for electric wires, insulation, protection, phase color logo, etc.. 

Below I will simply introduce the development course of thin electronic band, and now the market demand and the status quo.

     To understand the thin electronic band, to explore the development of thin electronic band. In the domestic, in the 20th century most of the time, duct insulation tape (commonly known as "black plaster dominated, occupied almost the entire thin electronic band market. Black tape to acetate cloth as base material, it has good insulation and surround entanglement, and the price is low. But its resistance aging, easily bleeding gum, vulnerable to erosion, easy to damp, soggy failure, fire and other limitations of has and the rapid development of the requirements more and do not match.

     Early in the 20th century, 30 years, people have generally cotton insulating tape used for electrical insulation, to 40 years abroad have enterprises and scientific research units began to study model of thin electronic band, 3M company in the United States is the first study of the PVC as the base material and manufacturing enterprise of thin electronic band, has 60 years of history. 

     Through 60 years of continuous technological innovation and development, PVC thin electronic band has in the world is widely accepted, become the electrotechnical field agreed vulgar special material. 

     China is in a large-scale infrastructure construction and development, the demand for PVC thin electronic band is also growing. According to incomplete statistics, the domestic market for a year the demand for such products is about 10 million rmb. Huge market demand, to attract the foreign manufacturers to join, but also gave birth to the industrial development of domestic PVC thin electronic band, all kinds of production enterprises of PVC tape have been established and put into production.

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