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How to check the quality of double side adhesive

Dec 5, 2015

     1, check whether there is a crack on the double side adhesive.

     Double sided adhesive in the cutting, if the cutting tool adjustment is not appropriate or blade is not sharp enough,which will crack on the double side adhesive tissue paper or the end of the paper, cracks are pulled out of the fiber will be an adhesive stick.The occurrence of cracks may be continuous, and it may be random. It may appear on the side of the drum side of the tape, and may also be on both sides.So,before the double-sided tape processing,we must look carefully at the end of the paper and paper on whether there is a small crack.Then take a after the examination paper, peel at the end of the paper check again a following paper and bottom paper whether there are cracks, because cracks sometimes is very small, only bottom to be detached with paper and tissues can be found.

     2, check whether there is burr on double side adhesive

     The reel edge of double side adhesive is smooth, no damage, which is the foundation to ensure the quality of double-sided tape, so before processing must carefully check the drum double-sided adhesive tape cutting edges, burrs, whether due to improper storage and damage occurred, and the drum double-sided tape rolls 4 - 5 laps, carefully check the cutting edge.And then we'll have to add some more knowledge about this aspect, as we have mentioned above.

     3, check whether the edge of double side adhesive adhesion, whether or not the end of the coated silicon.

     The double-sided adhesive tape adhesion on the edge of the together, or the bottom paper is coated with silicone oil leakage of part of the region, which in the process will cause the exhaust is the glossy paper fracture, can not be normal production. So before processing to take for a long period of about 1 m adhesive materials, hand peel, take a look at the edges or other parts have not smooth peel. Usually, tissues and the bottom edge of the paper adhesion occurs in the whole roll coating of adhesive materials a cutting volume, and generally occurs only in outer 7 meters to 10 meters, so encountered adhesion cutting drum double-sided tape edge, don't immediately asserted the whole roll of paper have the disease.

     4, check the drum double side adhesive cut end face is flat, the tightness of the same volume.

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