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How to remove the double side tape

Dec 5, 2015


     1, a blade. The knife can be ordinary, not a knife. In special occasions may also be used razor blade.

     2, careful. To do so is very simple, but the most important is, must be careful, can be successful.

     3, hair dryer. This is the most important tool, but also the core of the method, but to pay attention, we use the hair dryer is heating, so we must be able to blow the more hot wind, ordinary hair dryer may not work, the older the better.

     Removal method of different material of the double side tape:

     1.double side tape on the box glossy paper.With a razor blade to scrape a beginning, then you can hand to tear slowly. If you're too slow, you can heated slightly with a hair dryer.

     2.double side tape on thepaste paper box.

     Use hair dryer to heat, can open to the weak wind, with a blade scratch, focus on the back of the tape, do not pay attention to the heat, it will blow the tape. With hands slowly tear, the whole process must be careful. That printed pattern of adhesive tape, more or less will remain a little trace, attention should not be too heated, otherwise, will remain more. A little Cheats: exposing faster, less residue, but also more easily torn carton. Specific results, may have a relationship with many aspects, but as long as skilled, the majority of cases, or can let people satisfied, and so on again, not carefully check, is not easy to find.

     3, computer accessories or mobile phones and other things often have a fragile label.

     Can scraped slowly off with a razor blade, the blade may require thinner in some cases, then, we can use a razor blade. The tag is large, the available auxiliary heating hair dryer.

     4.Will have a part of the security label that left by the character of the gum.

     We can use the blade to light the corner, with hair dryer heating, slowly put the entire label to provoke. To deal with such the double side tape, be sure to be careful not to be careful, there will be residual traces, it is not successful.

     5.double side tape which stuck on a thin plastic film .

     The general heating is certainly not good, because the plastic film will also give out the deformation. Method is very simple: hand direct tear, do not slowly, be sure to quickly, such as the larger tags, can be divided several times, suddenly, quickly to tear off. To deal with this situation, the lower the environment temperature, the better.

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