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What are the methods to clear packing tape

Dec 5, 2015

      We will often receive a lot of gifts in life, the packing paper wrappings more credit for these gift.At times, we are not willing to throw away some of the fine wrapping paper. But the tape has destroyed their beauty! If it's easy to tear off the wrapping paper. How do you clear packing tape?What are the methods to clear packing tape?

     Method  of clear packing tape 1:

     Cryogenic separation. Find an electric iron, open to the nylon file, which is the most low-grade. Put the electric iron on the tape of the wrapping paper, 30 seconds, and then gently tear off the tape on the wrapping paper. You will find it easy to tear off the tape.

     Method  of clear packing tape 2:

     To deal with adhesive tape, which is for the comparison of thick paper. In the original tape, and then a layer of adhesive tape, and then find a better place to tear, the use of adhesive tape sticky tape down.

     Method  of clear packing tape 3:

     Looking for a hair dryer, open the hot air file, to the tape position of the hot air, about 50 seconds after (a strong wind can be shortened to half the time). Turn off the hair dryer, then you can gently tear the tape on the wrapping paper.

     Method  of clear packing tape 4:

     Prepare a towel, call a pot of hot water. Towel soaked in hot water, remove and wring to the semi dry, and then the towel in with the adhesive tape around 15 seconds, the towel and find a better tear place to slowly tear down. This method is for the packaging of paper or plastic wrap with plastic wrap paper, or wet towel will dip the paper.

     Method  of clear packing tape 5:

     Because of the force is not uniform or paste time is too long, some adhesive tape in the tear off, the packaging will remain some sticky stuff. Then we can choose to use an eraser gently wipe, remove traces.

     Method  of clear packing tape 6:

     For plastic packaging paper residual glue, we can choose to use alcohol, a water wash or wipe oil.


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