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Selection and differentiation of cheap duct tape

Dec 5, 2015

 Choice of cheap duct tape:

     There are many kinds of cheap duct tape and the surface of the adhesive, also have a lot of, therefore various brands of tape properties and strength of each different, so when purchasing cheap duct tape,we need to consider the following factors:

The microporosity of the pasted object: due to the occurrence of adhesive tape is in in the adhesive tape surface water after the adhesive tape infiltration of the pasted object in dry quickly and make tape to become part of the pasted object, therefore wants the microporosity of the surface of the pasted object is very important for the choice of cheap duct tape, if for microporous more hygroscopic cargo force bigger, must the tape adhesive rapid condensation, and on the contrary, use condensation slower tape or contain more adhesive tape.

Surface adhesive tape: tape in the manufacturer on the bottom with coated with adhesive, usually to fully dry after finishing rolls in, if sticky tape is too wet, the tape itself will be very tight stick together, is difficult to open, some simply can not be used.

     distinction of cheap duct tape:

     the ordinary sealing box packing tape (BOPP) in our life is an indispensable daily necessities in the life of any enterprise, company and personal life.But relative to the current domestic situation, manufacturers are many, but the technology is uneven. And the domestic cheap duct tape industry in the technology is still in a very low level, the state has not a clear choice. People often on belt in stage is ignorant of, that low price, feel good viscosity. In fact, these are errors of understanding and judgment.

     So how to choose the good 

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