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Do you know why the blue masking tape can stick

Dec 5, 2015

 Do you know why the blue masking tape can stick?This is because that its surface is coated with a layer of adhesive. The earliest of the adhesive is from animals and plants, and in the 19th century, the rubber is as a main component of the adhesive; but, in the modern is widely used for various kinds of polymers as a substitute. Adhesive itself could stick to things, the reason is due to itself molecules and attempt to connect items molecules formed between the bonding reaction, and the bonding and the two molecules firmly bonded together. The adhesive component is according to different brand, different types, with different kinds of polymers.

     Method for removing blue masking tape:

     1 wash the water to remove the blue masking tape: this method is the most effective and has been used in.Regardless of the "history" has a long, large area of offset printing, drop some of the girls' wash a water, soak for a while, then take a towel to wipe, to ensure that the surface of the goods such as fresh. But there is a problem, because wash armour water has a strong corrosive, so wash armour water to remove traces of adhesive tape, although hundreds of test Braun, but be sure to watch for items not subject to corrosion. 

     2 a hair dryer heat blue masking tape: Please put a hair dryer to maximum heat, traces of blows against the tape for a while, it slowly becomes soft, then a little hard eraser or a soft cloth to wipe.

     3 medical alcohol soaked blue masking tape:Please drop some medical alcohol on the surface of the traces, soak for a while, then wipe off with a soft cloth or paper towel. Of course, there is the need to leave a trace of the goods must not be afraid of alcohol corrosion.

     4 Eraser erase blue masking tape: Wipe with erasers, rubber debris can just glue marks to stick down.

     5 computer cleaning agent erase blue masking tape: usually used to wipe the camera lens and computer screen cleaner can also be used to erase the tape traces. Scope of application: adhesive tape printed on the smooth surface of the article is very effective.

     6 save time and effort of "glue", also known as "adhesive agent", in some of the auto parts store to sell, spray a trace part, will soon be able to wipe off.


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