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Here to introduce aluminum foil uses to you

Dec 5, 2015

  At present, China has become the United States after the second largest aluminum foil, but the per capita annual consumption of only 0.22 kilograms, 1/10 to 1/20 of the developed countries, China's aluminum foil market has unlimited business opportunities.Here to introduce aluminum foil uses to you.

     aluminum foil uses 1:Air conditioner foil

     The early use of air conditioning foil is a plain foil. In order to improve the surface properties of plain foil, a hydrophilic foil is formed in the form of inorganic coating and hydrophilic coating. The current%&1, which accounts for the total amount of the foil, the proportion of its use will be further progress. There is also a kind of hydrophobic foil, so that the fin surface with hydrophobic function, to avoid condensation of water stick. Because of the hydrophobic foil to improve the appearance of the skills to be further studied, the current practice of producing little.Aluminum foil has a good formability, its arrangement and performance is necessary, the metallurgical defects are few, the anisotropy is small, the strength is high, the ductility is good, the thickness is uniform, the flatness is good.

     aluminum foil uses 2:Cigarette packaging foil

     China is the largest producer and spending power in the  world.China currently has 146 large cigarette factory, with an annual output of cigarette 34 million total Daxiang, simply use the packing of the cigarette foil, 30% during the selection of spray plating foil, 70% of the selection of rolling aluminum foil, rolling aluminum foil consumption of 3.5 million tons, followed the health of the citizens awareness enhancement and imported cigarette impact, smoke foil demand add significantly slowed down, it is estimated that in recent years, will increase slightly. China's cigarette packaging foil accounted for 70% of the total amount of double zero foil, the current domestic two or three companies can produce high quality cigarette foil, the level of skill and the world is appropriate, but the overall quality of domestic cigarette foil has a certain distance from the world level.

     aluminum foil uses 3:Decoration foil

     Decoration foil with heat insulation, moisture, sound insulation, fire and easy to clean, etc., and the appearance of luxury, processing facilities, the construction device speed.

     aluminum foil uses 4:Cable foil

     It is the use of aluminum foil sealing and shielding, single-sided or double-sided coated plastic film, composed of aluminum # plastic aluminum composite foil, used as a cable shield.

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