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How do you to buy desks

Dec 5, 2015

Children's study decoration should choose the right study furniture. Good children's study furniture can give a child an independent study space,but also can add a storage tool for children's room.

     How to buy desks?What we need to pay attention to children's desk?What do we need to pay attention when we want to buy desks?

Below will tell you the answer. Buy desks note 1: Children's desks should be chosen to meet the national standards. The standard of study furniture is not correct children sitting posture and prevent a stoop, but for a child's growth is extremely unfavorable.Buy desks note 2:In the children's room, each piece of furniture should have a security guarantee.Because the nature of the child is lively, often appear some stumbling touch.Therefore, it is best to choose children desk with smooth sleek.In addition,we must ensure that children desk with environmentally friendly materials.Buy desks note 3: the desk is too low or too high will affect the child's physical development,the standard of children's desk is 1.2 - 1.1 meters, 0.76 meters high, 0.6 - 0.55 meters wide, the standard for the seat height is 0.44 - 0.4 meters, the overall height is not more than 0.8 meters, basically can meet the needs of school-age children.Basically, it can meet the needs of school children.

     Black and white is the classical collocation, with red to embellishment, it added a lively, rich walls Diaoju space, display and storage, the desk by the window let children have enough light to learn, drawer bed to increase the space of the storage function, make better storage space.

     The theme of the whole space is obvious, it is a boy who is reading high school, the love of basketball is melted in the room.The overall tone is bright and clean, bedside cabinet assembling is practical and powerful personality, storage. Desk is arranged on the edge of the window, there is enough light to study, you can also learn to look at the scenery outside the window, so that the eyes get rest. The desk Decoration cabinet can be connected, and leisure, the storage of goods. 

     With grass green and dark red to reflect its lively and vitality. Ride in the lockers, desks and overall even spoil, the right side of the desk drawer can put books and articles, circular cabinet can be placed ornaments to decorate the space, condole ark can be placed conveniently placed items, but also enrich the space.

Children's room in addition to the most important outside the bed is a desk, how to let a child have a healthy, comfortable and quiet learning environment is essential.

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