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Why is a boat called her

Dec 5, 2015

Why is a boat called her, this is a theory, or a story, it is submerged in the history. Despite various interpretations, most of the assumptions or inventions, also can be as a meaningful phenomenon. Ship ship called her, it is an interesting case, because they are the only inanimate objects, gender pronouns, but this example is almost an extension of the ships. The following two theories might help you find the answer: why is a boat called her.


One theory is that traditionally female ships. It also does not mean that a woman is very important in the ship's life, such as his mother. It is speculated that all ships had dedicated to the goddess, then believe that goddess is important to women. It is interesting to note that in history, although men the captain and the sailors know: a good woman is kind. But on their ships, the actual women will also be considered to be very bad, because they were afraid that these women would bring them bad luck. This is once a theory to explain why is a boat called her.


Theory of the second point is: in addition to English grammar, they most of the indo-european language differences. Although modern English can't distinguish between English gender, but in most of the limited conditions, such as the word "woman" and "man" will be explicitly called her and him. Have data to show that English, similar Yu Deyu and French, ever more widely developed and applied in the system of grammatical gender. And in most of the indo-european language syntax of gender, "ship" is the word women. In the Old English text, you can find enough evidence to prove that English sex objects. This is the second theory to explain why is a boat called her.


Have a case to prove: the boat is called her, this fact can be traced back to an old system, this system has disappeared in the middle of the English grammatical gender. In their lives, in addition to those sailors respect women, this kind of phenomenon in the modern English is one of the most interesting anomaly. Recently, advocates of neutral or sexist language is put forward: why is a boat called her, was named for any inanimate objects. However, ancient and modern, if you need to know more comprehensive, can consult some information to know more.

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