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Methods of installing artificial turfs

Dec 5, 2015

Currently artificial turfs are widely used in various fields. In installing artificial turfs, we should know correct methods to ensure best performance of artificial turfs.

The first step is to check foundation engineering. We should remove sundries in the foundations, if there is any uneven place, we should repair and make it even. Besides, we should ensure the constructions places are clean. The second step is to measure and loft. We should measure and loft according to drawings. Measure the sizes of surrounding facilities to ensure they are corresponding to the sports court, and the tolerance should be within 5mm. Then we should pave artificial turfs, especially we should pay attention to the joints to make them correctly overlap. Installing artificial turfs has many other aspects. 

The third step is to connect artificial turfs. We should thoroughly clean the bottoms an joints of artificial turfs, and keep them dry. The construction temperature should be around 5℃, and construction should not be conducted in rainy days. The fourth step is regarding specific construction process, namely paste glues, put press, solidify and clean. We should properly control the temperature, humidity and press of artificial turfs. After construction, we should clean artificial turfs. Besides, we should be aware that the explosion time of glues should not be long, and the construction temperature should be controlled within proper range. Installing artificial turfs is clearly shown as above. 

In short, we should strictly follow above methods of installing artificial turfs, so that we can maximize the performance of artificial turfs.

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