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Environmental friendliness of floorings for gym

Dec 5, 2015

As we all know, floorings for gym are widely used in many fields. floorings for gym use plastic chemical fibers as raw materials, and they are manufactured by artificial methods. floorings for gym have many advantages, they can replaces natural grasses. Natural grasses have some disadvantages, for example, they do not have high strength, and they are not easy to grow in adverse environment. In this essay, it will briefly tell us the environmental friendliness of floorings for gym.

Compared with natural grasses, floorings for gym have obvious advantages and disadvantages. For example, floorings for gym can be used in all the conditions, no matter what the weather and temperature are. They suffer little from rain, snow and other ultimate weather. Besides, floorings for gym are easy to maintain, and the maintenance cost is low. floorings for gym have environmental friendly textures. The surface layer of artificial can be recycle and reused, which cannot be replaced by natural grasses. 

Therefore, floorings for gym are very applicable to the playgrounds in middle and primary schools, and various sports courts. However, the surface temperature of floorings for gym can change fast in hot summer, so if we play on floorings for gym in hot summer, we should be careful not to get hurt. Before we construct floorings for gym, we should consider following issues, such as the types of floorings for gym, the fiber materials used in floorings for gym, the types of filling materials and the filling depth, as well as the drainage design. All these can ensure good environmental friendliness of floorings for gym. Besides, floorings for gym cannot generate hazardous gas and substances to the environment, so they can well protect the environment.

In short, above tells us the environmental friendliness of floorings for gym.

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