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What is a repeater For WLAN and Patterns

Dec 5, 2015

What is a repeater for WLAN.Repeater for WLAN ,named wireless relay mode.As the name implies, is the wireless AP in the network connection have the effect of relay, can realize signal relay and amplifier, so as to extend  the range of wireless  network coverage.Network repeater for WLAN belongs to net, and it is used for wireless distributed  system,and plays a role of relay in network connection!Let’s discuss what is a repeater for WLAN,and its patterns.


Before you know what is a repeater for WLAN,firstly,you need to know repeater  for WLAN  relay  model,It help you understand that. Repeater for WLAN  relay model may become more   flexible and wireless coverage according to you is easy, but it need high-grade AP support, and if the center of the AP out of the question,then tire WLAN will be paralyzed, redundancy can't guarantee so the most common of which are in the application of wireless roaming mode! 

In today's cities, connection between the two buildings network, connected by wireless AP has great convenience. Today's high-rise buildings in the city, however, it is     easy to cause the repeater for WLAN signal is blocked,it will not be  able to ensure the implementation of the network connection.  It Will also need to connect network are too far apart, even if there is no other obstacles blocking the signal receiving and transmitting, but today's network technology and network equipment of coverage are nowhere near that far  distance, so,we will adopt the relay mode, in order to relay the AP to realize the signal amplification and transmission.This

tell us:if you only know what is the repeater for WLAN,Also can't ensure the safe, only in the process of using, to know it works   

Repeater for WLAN  needs to connect the two networks  in the middle of the distance too far or when there are obstacles, it adopts relay AP to realize the network connection.This model can realize the network signal amplification and continue, for the network to form a solution to the problem of the distance. Make wireless network used more widely, and realized many not be able to use cable network  users for network chang you's dream!!!!! For the tile:what is the repeater for WLAN,it is only question,however,we need look for many information to understand deeply.Hope help you !

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