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What is the repeaters in network and purpose

Dec 5, 2015

You may ask:what is the repeaters in network.In  fact, network repeater is a kind of technology products .From  a professional point of view, Network repeater is in the same interface and media access control protocol of isomorphism network interconnection, middle add equipment!This  instrument can enlarge the transmission signal and resend, Meanwhile ,  Network repeater can avoid due to long segment cables passing signal  attenuation,and effectively improve the transmission of sex!Next let’s explore what is the repeaters in network and its purpose.

Actually network repeater design purpose is to promote the network signal, transfer them further. Often use such as other net Repeaters expansion bus cable length, fine line is every 185 meters, the biggest can have up to 5 segments, after increasing Network Repeaters, cable length can be  increased to 925 meters per piece!In fact,so long as you know:what is the repeaters in network,its purpose is very easy to understand. Like this can  act as Network Repeaters roles  in network hardware equipment of  instruments and equipment and there are many names, such as: active hubs, etc . At the physical level,network Repeaters can also be under stood in order to achieve the interconnection of network equipment , of course,as a kind of technical equipment, with the continuous development of computer communication network technology and equipment,  the role of network repeater will increase greatly, and more efficient, more secure! 

To be honest ,although you know what is the repeaters in network,but in real life, we use everything has advantages and disadvantages of network repeater is no exception! Scientists from the scientific research and the use  process,can be found: network Repeaters not only expand the communication distance, increased the maximum number of nodes, but also improve the reliability. If the  work in the physical layer, for high-level protocol are completely transparent! But it also has certain defects, when the load is very heavy on the network, are likely to produce the frame loss phenomenon,and network repeater once appear, fault, the adjacent two sub nets will affect the work!

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