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What is the brake system warning light and introduction

Dec 5, 2015

Who is familiar with the car ,all know that there are warning light,But ,what  is the brake system warning light and what is its purpose. Accurate to confirm the data on the dashboard, is the essential ability for every driver. Automotive technology changes with each passing day, however, indicator and indicator button becomes more and more complicated. So accurate to identify the indicator and indicator button, there will be a great benefits! Of course, first of all, we should first understand what is the brake system warning light!


Warning light generally used in the maintenance of road safety, is usually used in the police car, fire engine, ambulance, prevention management, road maintenance vehicle, tractor, car emergency A/S car development. The car brake system warning lights are suitable for all kinds of machinery of the common faults of signals!Here, also easy for everybody to introduce several commonindicator light: 1, abs indicator light: this lights used to display the abs working conditions 2,EPC, indicator light: if the vehicle starts, still not be quenched, vehicle mechanical and electronic system malfunction Wait a minute!  Of course, if you want to know more about the braking system indicator lights, please consult material! For understanding what is braking system warning light,  it is very easy, but to live in skilled, also need to practice more! 

In real life,we not only know what is the brake system warning light.but also some traffic light and  these purpose .In particular in   the town, transport more and more strict to  the requirement of the pilot, and when the driver textual research,and put the lamp as a test project, on the one hand is  to let everybody master these lights, on the other hand,   also hope that we in the process of driving, to avoid an accident!So,for the sake of your car, also for you and   your family's health, safety, please!

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