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What is a Dual air brake system

Dec 5, 2015

See this title:what is a dual air brake system,you may not be familiar, Modern automobile and engineering machinery, as a result of the increase of speed increase and their own tonnage, demand a higher braking efficiency and stability of the braking system. So, from the point of view, to enhance the reliability of the braking system work if a main braking circuit loss effectively, the other main braking circuit automatically remedied, dual-air power braking system  with the ability to continue to brake!Let's come to explore what is a dual air brake system!


Before the 80s of the 20th century  automobile  braking system for single loop. In the braking system of the single loop brake master cylinder has even a output received   brake pipe to provide all the wheel brake braking force on the road. The brake system while the structure is simple  but  as long as any of the damage of bad and air leakage in the system or the oil will cause the whole brake braking  system failure that many elderly tragedy will happen.That tell you:what is a dual air brake system.Next its principle is introduced in blow text. So, in  order to reliable brake, safe driving,  countries have adopted the dual-air brake system!In order to obtain more reliability than popularization dual-circuits power braking system with double circuit brake system, the system  should  be able to meet: 1, in the realization of vehicle crane brake braking ability on the basis of the prescribed standards, if after a primary brake circuit failure, can protect the other main brake circuits continue to work normally. 2, can realize the normal work of the   emergency or parking brake system.   

3, simple manipulation,   don't change the driver manipulating habits! 

In the above article:you know what is a dual air braking system.But Dual-air brake system is also called double line brake  system, is refers to the whole vehicle of all   vehicle brake hydraulic or pneumatic pipe consists of two independent air  .Dual-air circuit brake system total pump has two       independent working cavity, with respective loop line connection,in order to reliable braking, countries adopting the redundancy technique, through the regulations enforce dual-air power brake system, in order to ensure the reliability of the brake system, ensure the safety of driving.

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