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What does the Braking System Warning Light Mean

Dec 5, 2015

Every car  has   a  warning  light,So , what is the use of the warning light and  what does the braking warning light mean. Warning light generally used in the maintenance of road safety, is usually used in the police car, fire engine, ambulance, prevention management, road maintenance vehicle,tractor, car emergency A/S car development. The car brake system     warning lights are suitable for all kinds of machinery of the common faults of signals! Here are introduce in detail what does the Braking system warning light mean.

The braking system warning lights usually have two situations:Hand brake or not loosen is not loose end (check the handbrake);The shortfall in the brake oil (check the brake  oil pot liquid level);If is the brake oil shortage, may    affect the brake performance and traffic safety, should be  as early as possible will be sent to the repair shop repair vehicle. Say this:what does the braking system warning light mean ,is easy to understand.

If the deep understanding of:what does the braking system warning light mean .The expert have done in-depth research. Through a lot of practical data show that summarizes several cause of braking system warning lights:

1、 The gasoline quality is bad can lead to inadequate mixture in the combustion in cylinder in warning lights,    but also easy to produce carbon deposition.

2. The inlet, the piston top carbon exists cause atomization bad leading to combustion insufficient warning lights.

3. Cold car starts, especially when the weather temperature fell sharply, as the temperature correction problem in the  computer will result in warning lights, no ups and downs   butas long as the temperature drops to a definite temperature changes will be relatively stable.

4. Driving too long in the engine, spark plug work   less would result in a warning lights lit. 

Through the above introduction, I believe in you understand: what  does  the  braking  system  warning  light  wean. So, you are in the process of driving, warning lights, it prompts you to engine components job abnormal  phenomenon.Specific circumstances need to use fault  detection instrument manufacturer read to identify fault source, eliminate  problem is analyzed on the point. It is recommended that you as soon as possible for your car maintenance overhaul.

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