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What is the Braking System in cars and Working Principle

Dec 5, 2015

Speaking of what is the braking system,you are not strange .The  braking system, the name of righteousness, that is, "to stop the power." every car above will have a "ECU", is the nerve center of a car, only through which the small circuit board, the car will drive more without it  well,  because"ECU"mainly for cars "ignition, acceleration, gear, the  gear ratio,maximum speed, the engine's maximum  speed, braking system, and even air conditioning, headlight before and etc.

 So, the braking system, actually simple point, is a  control of the brake system through "ECU"! In the following article ,we will though the ECU ,to introduce what is the braking system in cars and its Working principle.

What is the braking  system in cars,in general,the car’s  braking system, actually simple    point, it is.  The brakes of a car in the car  every round circle embedded respectively have a brake, the brake is embedded, is through the friction brake disc, increase resistance,reduce the power of the brake disc, the car will slow down. 

The general working principle of the braking system is that are connected to the body (or frame) use of rotating components and connected to the wheel (or shaft) mutual friction between the rotating element to prevent the rotation of the wheels or the trend of the rotation.

  1) braking system does not work

Van hoof has a gap between drum, wheel and brake drum can rotate freely

  2) when the brake

To car to slow down, feet on the brake pedal through the push rod and master cylinder, the master cylinder  oil under certain pressure into the wheel cylinder, and through the   two wheel cylinder piston push turns round the brake shoe underwriting, top to separate both sides and to the friction plate pressure on the brake drum in the round. Don't turn the drum brake of rotating friction torque, resulting in   a braking force

  3) remove the brake

 while releasing the brake pedal when the return of the brake shoe back to the in sit, braking force to disappear. After the above article, I believe that you have to be what

is the braking system in cars and its working principle know something 

about.Hope to help you!

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