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How to lay artificial turf rugs

Dec 5, 2015

As we all know, artificial turf rugs are now widely used in many places, such as hotels, school playgrounds and many other places. They have brought great convenience for us, for example, we can relax on artificial turf rugs. artificial turf rugs now are very popular among the public. 

Good laying methods of artificial turf rugs can maximize the performance and functions of artificial turf rugs. In this essay, it will briefly tell us how to lay artificial turf rugs.

We should measure the dimensions of the artificial turf rugs courts and put on samples. First, we should check the foundation engineering, to ensure good quality of them. For example, we should remove the debris on foundations, and if artificial turf rugs are not uniform, we should immediately repair them and make them uniform and smooth. Besides, we should clean the laying up places, in order that they have a good quality to endure the construction quality. We should use steel rulers to measure surrounding dimensions, if there are any dimensions that are not correct, we should make proper repair in time. Besides, we should pay attention the laying up of artificial gasses surfaces. 

We should lay up non-woven fabrics along the direction of the length, and set the angle as 90 degrees, we should make the connection of non-woven fabrics solid. We should determine the lines according to the drawings, and we should make sure the lines are smooth and straight. We should lay up artificial turf rugs on the surface of non-woven fabrics, and the overlapping length between artificial turf rugs should be 3 to 8 mm. Then we should cut the artificial turf rugs, we should take care that the gap should not be more than 3 mm. We should paint adhesion glues on the junction surface, and make them solid. 

In conclusion, above tells us how to lay artificial turf rugs.

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