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What is the function of the Braking System

Dec 5, 2015

What  is  the braking system ,The  braking system is to make the car's   speed can reduce the special device, a series of mandatory.The braking system is mainly composed of power device, control device, transmission device and brake of four parts.What is the function of the braking system. Braking  system's main function is to make  driving in the car to  slow down or even stop, make cars traveling downhill speed stable,that keeping the car has stopped. Below we will introduce in detail What is the function of the braking system.

This kind of braking system installation, not only   in order to ensure the safety of car driving, also can improve the average travel speed of the car, thus improve the productivity of transportation. That what is the function of the braking system is introduced in the next article: 1、 when the car emergency braking, within the shortest possible distance will speed zero; 2、 long  slope under the car, the speed limit, within a certain  amount of TVC and remained stable. 3、 cars in stopping of the ramp,should make the car reliable resides where he was.Such a series of special device called brake system. This device is not only to ensure that the car can  be requested by the driver and stop, also can guarantee the reliable vehicle parking, it's very convenient! 

Currently, anti-lock braking system (ABS) and electronic stability program (ESP) is gradually widely used in automobile brake system. The anti-lock braking system device and electronic stability program can prevent wheel lock, so that they can keep the vehicle maximum keep the steering stability. Therefore, when the brake is to ensure the front wheel steering performance, and ensure the rear wheel does not produce side slip, to make cars to make full use of tire-road friction coefficient under the condition of braking. On low adhesion coefficient of road surface, such as wet  roads and snow road, than those with ABS, ESP system braking distance and the stability of the vehicle have improved significantly.This is what is the function of the braking system basically,Please remember it.

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