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How car tires are made and Working Principle

Dec 5, 2015

Speaking of tires, everyone must have not strange!  And tire manufacturer produces tire is mainly used in the following aspects: station wagon, trucks, buses, airplanes, farm tractors, motor bikes, mountain bikes and other tools! Tire manufacturers also make the car with the smooth.But how car tires are made.Next, let's explore the how car tires are made.Because other types of tires is similar to car tires production!


Tire has three types: radial tire, diagonal tire and triangle tire. Because of meridian tire service life is long, friction force, the best and most suitable for driving in  cold weather, and have the best gas mileage, so the radial tire is widely used in automobile tires!Let's focus on introduction of how car tires are made!

Radial tire is a kind of high precision, compared with other two kinds of tire products, the automobile tire manufacturing process is much more complex, precision is    much, much more strict! So the radial tire also widely used in automobile tires! 

In the process of how car tires are made, first of all, need the carbon black, synthetic rubber,oil, additives, promoter, such as raw materials are mixed together, in the mixer for processing, production of rubber! Secondly,through the plastic parts, rubber extrusion   for the different semi-finished parts through the calender again  put up a thin layer of rubber, become a cord fabric, bead forming again,finally put the fabric cutting,then put the cutting cord fabric in fabric laminating machine, made into cylinder barrel type cloth,finally put the working procedure of semi-finished products,assembling, can shape! 

However, after the completion of the production,car  tires also cannot be used immediately, also need to spray paint processing and vulcanization process, such not only can get the best appearance quality, and can meet the standards and requirements on the structure. After completion of the  process, we usually used in automobile tires even if completed!I thought: after you know about how the car tires are made, I believe you will more understand the maintenance and matters needing attention of the   tire! Finally, wish you and your family a happy life!

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