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What is a carbon analyzer

Dec 5, 2015

Have you ever heard about carbon analyzer, and do you know what is a carbon analyzer?Itseemsthat it is mysterious very much. Actually, it is a subject complex and abstract, at the same time it is useful in our life and make many thing waste to treasure. So today our topic is what is a carbon analyzer?

What is a carbon analyzer on earth?FirstlyI want to introduce some basic information about carbon analyzer?It is a new machine that in the field of science and technology to measure and analyze the organic carbon,and the carbon analyzer been used computer technology, intelligent instrument, screen image, and text and data collection.What is a carbon analyzer?Secondly it is some detailed description about carbon analyzer, and that is the detailed introduction to carbon analyzer on its characteristic. Fast: because of precise and reliable 24bit AD chip and FPGA chip technology,it can work faster and perfect. (Highest resolution and speed; easily expandable due to FPGA technology) .Latest: ARM 9 CPU technology. It is latest research in organic carbon to measure and analyze all kinds of materiel from alloys, non-ferrous metals, steel, iron, cement, minerals, glass and other materials.(fast, affordable and power efficient CPU system).Integrated: USB 2.0 and Ethernet (LAN).The function of communication:(control and communication via USB or LAN cable, user selectable).The last but not least ,advanced linearization covers thefull range, from ppm to 100% levelwith a single detector channel. All of these is our theme what is a carbon analyzer.

There are so many questions on what is a carbon analyzer? We have a little information because it is a huge information system and complex working procedures. I have a dream that Chinese people can expand this technology someday.

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