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Purpose of a Fire Blanket

Dec 5, 2015

Have you ever thought what is the purpose of a fire blanket? You may think it is a childish question. But this problem is really worth thinking about .When you know the purpose of a fire blanket, you will understand the true meaning of human creation of this invention .

    Fire accident often happen in our daily life ,so we need a simple and effective fire extinguishing equipment to control the fire accident in time. Therefore, the fire blanket arises at this historic moment.The purpose of a fire blanket is to reduce the number of fire accidents.The fire blankets are good for our security when we meet an emergency. Fire blanket achieves the purpose of putting out a fire by covering fire, cut off the air. Because it is made of special materials ,fire blanket can has this useful function. The fire blanket is a very simple and practical tool of outfire. It can effectively reduce fire hazards, increase the chance of escape , reduce casualties and maintain the people's life and property safety. Fire blanket is made by the fire-resistant fiber material, after being processed ,it will have tight structure and high temperature resistance which means it can stop or isolate the fire quickly. What’s more, the purpose of a fire blanket is to facilitate people to use. Fire blankets come in small plastic packages that are easy to store just about anywhere. Different manufacturers may make different proceedings about how the fire blanket is taken out of the packaging. 

     All in all, the purpose of a fire blanket is to help us in the most convenient way to prevent fire, to ensure that our lives and property security. When we understand the purpose of the fire blankets .We should make full use of the convenience that the fire blanket bring to our lives.

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