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What is a fire blanket used for

Dec 5, 2015

With the progress of security technology, a new type of tool was produced called fire blanket. As a new thing, few people know what is a fire blanket used for. The fire blankets are good for our security when we meet an emergency. That is to say, every one of us is supposed to know what is a fire blanket used for firstly. 

    Fire blanket has the characteristics of the flame resistant, high temperature resistant, corrosion resistant. It can effectively reduce fire hazards, increase the chance of escape , reduce casualties and maintain the people's life and property safety. Fire blanket is made by the fire-resistant fiber material, after being processed ,it will have tight structure and high temperature resistance which means it can stop or isolate the fire quickly. At the beginning of the fire, using the fire blanket cover the fire directly, the fire can be extinguished in a short time. At the time of the fire ,using the fire blanket wrap around your or others’body , and then escape from the fire rapidly. Here,I believe you must know what is a fire blanket used for This behavior can help you  save your and other peoples’life . Fire blanket has a very wide application market, such as companies, shopping malls, ship, automobile, civil building, etc. The fire blanket is a very simple and practical tool of outfire. If you don't know what is a fire blanket used for , you will not understand the significance of it. 

   It is a pity that the fire blanket has not been widely spread so far.Although the situation is not optimistic as I expected , but I believe that as time goes on, the fire blanket will usher in a very bright future when people really understand what is a fire blanket used for.

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