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How does a digital camera work step by step

Dec 5, 2015

With the development of the advanced technologies, the digital camera has gradually entered our life and has conveniented us ,too . But when you use it records every happy moment , do you ever think a question—How does a digital camera work step by step ? May be most of us will say “ No ”. However, a slang says “ Knows its however, knows its reason why ”. So let’s talk about how does a digital camera work step by step .

  As we know , the digital camera is consist of six elements . They are lens, image sensor , ADC, CPU, memory chip and LCD. Its workflow includes two stages : obtain the image stage and reoccur the image on the LCD stage.

  The first stage is consist of several steps. Step one , click to the shutter. At this time , external things are reflected in the lens by light and form a light signal , then this signal will be converted into an electronic image by the CCD’s action. Step two,  ADC will translate the analog image to the digital conversion. Step three , compress the digital signal to reduce space and transform it again into some special image format ( eg: JPEG ). Step four, store the image file in the CF. Now ,the main work has completed. Next , we enter the two stage — reoccur the image on the LCD.

  Firstly , extract data from the JPEG format on a storage card ( CF ) and recover it to original data . Secondly , transmit it in the DRAM . Thirdly , use DAC to convert it into analog image so as to display it on the LCD . Lastly , transfer the image to the compute .

  OK , all the process program is over , do you clear how does a digital camera work step by step ?

  I hope you have learned some knowledge about the work process of the digital camera . If you still have any question , contact us or log on to our website consult much more contents of  “ how does a digital camera work ”. Have a nice day !

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