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How does A Digital Camera Work

Dec 5, 2015

Digital camera is a kind of fashionable digital products,  It is popular with consumers because of its powerful function, convenience operation and excellent effect, but a few of people to think how does a digital camera work ,in fact, its internal structure and working principle is not simple. Now let’s disscuss how does a digital camera work.

The working process of the digital camera system is to convert optical signals into digital signal process. Digital cameras use CCD charge-coupled device which is the photosensitive element, to take place of  film, photographic imaging. Light projected on the CCD light sensors through the lens system and color filter, CCD  component converts the light intensity and color to electrical signals and then record the electrical signals into the digital camera's memory, form a computer can process the digital signal finally. Know these principles help us know how does a digital camera work. The working process of the digital camera system according to the sequence of operation can be divided into the following main parts: Firstly, Open the camera and check whether all parts of the camera are in working condition. Secondly, determine the focus distance, shutter speed and aperture size. Thirdly, press the shutter, optical lens focus the pictures which will be shooted to the camera CCD or CMOS device, then, photoelectric conversion device captures the light signals of the scenery, and storage them with red, green, and blue pixel. Fourthly, send these pixels into the storage area of the camera. Fifthly, when beams of light arriving at the buffer storage area, they will form a complete digital image. Sixthly,  compress image. Seventhly, image saving. The chip of the master control program send a message, then turn the compressed image to storage card and have a long-term preservation. Finally, edit and output picture image .Here, I believe you must know how does a digital camera work.

Now the optical technology and electronic technology used in digital camera has been very mature. Photoelectric conversion technology , by contrast, is still a bottleneck restricting of the development of the digital camera. Happily, with the rapid development of CCD and CMOS technology over the years, the range of the increased pixels of digital camera has beyond people’s expected. It is interesting to understand how does a digital camera work actually in modern times.

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