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The best digital SLR camera

Dec 5, 2015

SLR means Single Lens Reflex, and it is one kind of the digital camera. Those professional photographer and those who has a high remand of camera will want to buy the best digital SLR camera. But what is the best digital SLR camera? I think it is hard to answer this question.

  Different people have different views on the best digital SLR camera, for the reason that their usage and photography level is different. I will introduce some best SLR in my perspective as follows.

  For a beginner, I think the best digital SLR camera is Nikon D7000 and Canon 600D. And it depends on the economy condition, Canon 600D is much expensive than Nikon D7000. Nikon D7000 uses 16.2 million pixels DX novel CMOS image sensor and new EXPEED 2 image processor, and it use 2016 pixel RGB photometric sensors, which make it can capture accurate information and make photos almost a real scene. Besides, it can take 1080p HD video and realize the automatic focus at the same time. If you are a richer, then Canon 600D is also the best digital SLR camera for a beginner. There is no denying that Canon is the best one in digital camera market.

  But for a professional photographer, all is different. I think the best digital SLR camera is Nikon D3X and Canon 1DX. It depends on your usage. If you are focus on taking photos for beautiful scenery, choose Nikon D3X, but if you want to take photos for people, choose Canon 1DX. It sounds a lot of matter, and then chooses Canon IXUS; it plays well in portrait and landscape at the same time.

  All in all, it has no answer to which one is the best digital SLR camera. As the saying goes, suits one is the best. We should choose the best digital SLR camera according to our own situation and acquire. I hope you can find your best one soon.

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