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What kind of suppliers are trusted plasterboard suppliers

Dec 5, 2015

Rising tensions in the energy and power of today's lower power consumption, energy efficiency has become more and more emphasis on corporate profit goal to pursue. To do this according to your company distribution and lighting wiring plant operating conditions, combined with your products in other industrial enterprises, energy-saving experience, special recommend using a  new kind of trusted plasterboard to replace the original board as a new plant system in order to achieve high efficiency Energy-saving environmental protection and improve the efficiency to improve the operating environment.

Plasterboard is a building material made of gypsum as the main raw material.

 It is a kind of material that has the character of light weight, high strength, thin, easy to process and better noise insulation and fire performance of building materials.

It is a kind of development new lightweight sheet . Plasterboard has been widely used in residential, office buildings, shops, hotels and industrial plants and other buildings within the walls of the wall panel. It is also used for ceilings, soundproof panels, floor panels and a variety of decorative panels.Waterproof Gypsum Board is faced by light-green protective paper .

So if you want to acheive the purpose of energy-saving,it is necessary for you to find the trusted plasterboard suppliers.

Then you may ask what kind of suppliers are trusted plasterboard suppliers? 

They have to use magnesium sulphate aluminum cement as binding material , using natural fiber and glass fiber as reinforce material , their plasterboard is made through gelling, pressing, and other special techniques and is a new type material renown for stability in performance.Their material is made of gypsum powder,gypsum retaining paper,fiber(wood fiber,paper fiber,fiber glass),cornstarch, vesicant,lightweight aggregate,citric acid,water.

 Their ordinary gypsum plaster board to construction as the main raw material, mixed with appropriate lightweight, fiber reinforced materials and additives constitute the core material, and to protect tissues and firmly bonded together, building plate.Plasterboard for the Ivory tissues, both in its direct as brushing primer or surface finishes are given the desired results.Plasterboard fully comply with GB/T9775-1999 standards.

From above analysis,we can see it is very important to find a good plasterboard supplier.

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