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plasterboard price

Dec 5, 2015

Plasterboard sheets are available in both a tapered and a square edge style, both at great prices, so you can choose your favourite and achieve your ideal finish, without concerning yourself with cost. With large quantity discounts and expert advice available to you whenever you need, it makes sense to contact the supplier to discuss your plasterboard and drywall requirements and how the supplier can meet them both quickly and cheaply.Plasterboard is a building material made of gypsum as the main raw material.

 It is a kind of material that has the character of light weight, high strength, thin, easy to process and better noise insulation and fire performance of building materials.It is a kind of development new lightweight sheet . Plasterboard has been widely used in residential, office buildings, shops, hotels and industrial plants and other buildings within the walls of the wall panel. Plasterboard have many kinds of adjustable Length:800-1400mm,1600-3000mm,2000-3500mm,2200-4000mm,1800-3100mm,2000-3600mm,2200-4000mm,1400-2700mm,2200-3500mm,2000-4000mm,3000-5500mm.

 Available in an extensive range of stock or custom size.PlasterBoard Length :1800mm to 3600mm.PlasterBoar Width:1200mm&1220mm. Plaster Board Thickness :7mm to 15mm.PlasterBoard Edge :Square Edge and Tapered Edge.SIZE: (mm) 595*595 600*600 603*603 605*605 ETC. Thickness: (mm) 7.5 to 12 Features: normal design and special paint,fireproof,heat insulation,moisture-proof,sound absorbing.

When it comes to drywall, we won't leave you high and dry. Whether you are looking for moisture resistant plasterboard, acoustic plasterboard or plain old plasterboard sheets, you can find plasterboard products with the size you want, versatile and offer great value for money. They are easy to use for both walls and ceilings, and the ivory-faced finished tile board is a perfect surface to be plastered or painted directly.

All in all,if you have the opportunity to look for a good supplier,then you can get a reasonable price for the plasterboard.


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