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Have you ever heard of plasterboard ceiling fixings

Dec 5, 2015

Have you ever heard of plasterboard ceiling fixings?If not and if you are looking for a good plasterboard fixing manufacture,here is the one I am going to recommend to you. RJ partners with leading global manufacturers of technicalfixing systems, and because of this they are the correct supplier for any sized construction project. For the past decade RJ have worked successfully with ITW Spit and Fischer, which provides a supply chain that is fully traceable, and products that offer guaranteed performance - peace of mind, long after the project is finished.

Plasterboard Fixing are made by Nylon strongened as customers'inquiry. Used in plasterboard, wood, asbestosboard fastened, etc.High strength Zamak 3 body

Positive tightening of the anchor, no need for pre-drilling.

No maximum or minimum plasterboard thickness (excluding Driva Plus)Driva Plus combines screw and clamp fixing.They are one of the biggest company that professional manufacture of plasterboard ceiling , pvc laminated gypsum ceiling and ceiling t-grid .Their factory located in Pingyi county,Linyi city,Shandong province,China,where proven gypsum content about 2.7 billion tons,our gypsum board using high purity nature gypsum powder as main material,with the advantages of body healthy,environmental friendly, strong and light weight etc

Main detail of their products:

Plasterboard ceiling fixings are available in both a tapered and a square edge style, both at great prices, so you can choose your favourite and achieve your ideal finish, without concerning yourself with cost. With large quantity discounts and expert advice available to you whenever you need, it makes sense to contact the supplier to discuss your plasterboard and drywall requirements and how the supplier can meet them both quickly and cheaply.Plasterboard is a building material made of gypsum as the main raw material. 

It is a kind of material that has the character of light weight, high strength, thin, easy to process and better noise insulation and fire performance of building materials.It is a kind of development new lightweight sheet . Plasterboard has been widely used in residential, office buildings, shops, hotels and industrial plants and other buildings within the walls of the wall panel.

If you are interested in their company and their products, please direct them what kinds of gypsum board you are interested and the specification, so they can calculate how to pack in the container and the exact price for you.What they can assure is their quality is high,with best service as well.

In their trade with merchants of various countries, they always adhere to the principle of equality and mutual benefit .It is their hope to promote by joint efforts , both trade and friendship to their mutual advantage.If something unclear or some questions, you can contact them at anytime you want, they will try their best to let you know their company and their products well.

They look forward to receiving your inquiries . Welcome to visit their factory. And hope you can cooperate. 

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