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How car wheels work

Dec 5, 2015

Do you know how car wheels work? Everyday we see many cars in the street.But we don’t know how car wheels work.

Car wheels work must include four stroke engines (suction stroke, compression stroke, power stroke and exhaust stroke).Then,how car wheels work?Doing work through gear transmission, turns the car wheels. But how car wheels work is not easy.In the process of wheel rotation, the cars wheel is rolling forward , actually the wheels under the action of a driving force in the ground is relatively backward movement of the trend, lead to putting forward the car wheels of friction,because car wheel friction coefficient is very large, relative sliding occurs is not easy, so the car wheel will be rolled forward. For example, a car is stuck in the mud inside can't run up, why? The reason is wet inmud, wheel relative to the mud relative slip occurs, they don't scroll wheel, cannot run forward.Engine power sends the clutch to the transmission, after selecting the appropriate gear, through the transmission in gear transmission, transfers power to the transmission of differential. through the differential of the two and a half shaft gear, the power by two and a half shaft (half shaft is a universal transmission shaft), respectively is passed on to the both sides of the front wheel, completing the precursors of power delivery process.

Now on all cars or trucks are equipped with different wheel,the more you know how car wheels work,the better choose you can make.

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