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What's gypsum board

Dec 5, 2015

Fire-resistant gypsum board faced by pink protective paper .Using high-purity natural gypsum powder as main material, mixed with fire resistant materials and fire resistant fibers to make board core. It is made up of specially treated and crystal water gypsum material, which determines that at the beginning period when it meets fire, before the crystal water in the board core fully comes out, the temperature at the board surface cannot exceed 140C. This good fire resistant property can obtain valuable time for people to evacuate. 

Meanwhile prolong the fireproof time. The paper-faced gypsum board release vapor when it is heated, so that it avoids the dangers of people suffocation because of breathing in poisonous gas from fire.  

 Fireproof gypsum board is a new product based on the basis of traditional plasterboard innovation and development. It is not only have the plasterboard advantages of light weight, stable, artistic, sound-proof, heat retaining, quake-proof, crashworthy, but also add some additives in board core, strengthen the board performance in fire in certain long time. 

These additives can help the plasterboard keep complete structure (in architectural structures), thus plays the role of blocking flame spread, to obtain valuable time for people to escape. 

Gypsum board was used in the indoor decoration of ceilings or super class building. Such as hotels, shopping malls business buildings residential buildings etc.According to the  gypsum board Installation: Match with ceiling T-BAR easy to deal with saw nail paint and veneer.Characters of gypsum board installation: Fire-proof, moisture-proof, heat insulation, sound-absorbing, smoke-proof, mould-proof, installation easily, light weight.Besides having baier standard plasterboard performance outside, such as, light, stable ,artistic, sound-proof, moisture-resistant, crashworthy, insulated, still have higher fire-proof performance, and the fireproof time is more than 60 minutes.

It can used for large region, such as toilet, bath room and kitchen which require high water-proofing standard. But the board shall not directly exposed in a damp environment, nor directly put it into water for long time.

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