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What's the function of construction management certification

Dec 5, 2015

 A Certificate in Construction Management program is generally designed for individuals with work experience and a bachelor's degree. The curricula of these programs teach students cost analysis, materials selection, quality control and site management, among other things. These programs are typically intended for construction professionals who want to advance to a management position.

Construction managers can receive certification through the American Institute of Construction or the Construction Management Association of America. Eligibility for certification through these organizations may be based on the completion of a minimum amount of construction work, construction management experience and construction education.

Prerequisites: Bachelor's degree or five years of related work experience in the construction field.

Program Specializations: Sustainable materials construction and solar energy technology.

Other Requirements: Familiarity with blueprints and proficiency in computer applications including word processing. Completion of prerequisite courses in construction materials or contracts if applicable.

Experiential Learning: Supervised work on construction sites.Students learn in the classroom and on construction sites. Since construction management certificates are geared toward working professionals, classes are typically offered on weekends and evenings and cover topics like:Cost controls and accounting Construction methods Site supervision.Contract administration.Project planning.

Construction managers can earn multiple certifications through various organizations, including the American Institute of Construction (AIC). 

Certification requirements for an Associate Constructor include four years of work experience or education and passing scores on a written examination. To become a Certified Professional Constructor, candidates must have four additional years of work experience, including two years of management responsibilities and pass the CPC exam.The Construction Management Association of America (CMAA) also grants professional certification to construction managers. Construction managers with two years' experience and a related bachelor's degree are eligible for this certification. Graduates with a certificate or associate degree and six years' experience may also qualify. Those with no educational background are also eligible provided they have ten years' work experience. After meeting these qualifications, candidates can sit for written certification exams on construction standards in seven areas, such as time management and cost management.


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