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How does a car suspension system work

Dec 5, 2015

Do you know how does a car suspension system work? Many people knows, others don`t. Therefore, let us to explore how does a car suspension system work together.

How does a car suspension system work? Here is the answer, suspension system has two meanings: to isolate from the uneven surface of the road to make people drive more comfortable; When people driving on the rough road surface, it used to keep the tire and the road surface contact closely. 

In other words, the suspension system help the “wild one” improve the handling performance.

The main function of the spring is to maintain the car`s comfort and keep the tire fully contact with the ground, but how does a car suspension system work? If you use the wrong

Spring, that would do harm to the quality of driving and handling an adverse impact on the car. Just to think, if the spring is completely rigid, in this way, the suspension system also can`t play a role, when the car jumped up, the tires of the car will be completely out of the ground, If this really happens, the car will lose tracking. On the other hand, if the spring is very soft, it will be easily to sit bottom of the case, the suspension also will be used up.

How does a car suspension system work needs us to think it seriously, usually it needs the accumulation of experience. In General, soft spring can provide better comfort sitting environment and it can be better tracked, but it will result in suspension system bobbing up and down, which will affect the manipulation. But when the car is equipped with good aerodynamic components, the soft spring will result in changes in the car`s height when car speeds and this can affect the characteristics of the car when it drive in a low speed and a high speed.

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