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What is the suspension system definition

Dec 5, 2015

All of us know that sitting in a car is very comfortable, but do you know why you feel comfortable? The suspension system definition will help you answer this question. In order to know clearly about the suspension system definition, we have to do some more investigate.

First of all, we should know what is the suspension system definition about.

A suspension control system is designed to impart a variable supplemental resistive force to control vehicle body roll and to improve suspension performance through the use of magnetic rheological force devices. So the force device here is really important. Each of the force devices passes many adjustable amounts of force and resistance to the vehicle suspension system that is based on a variable magnetic or electrical field created within the force devices. The control system further includes a plurality of sensors that monitor vehicle components and performance parameters, and send signals to a logic unit. The logic unit processes input from the sensors and sends electrical commands to the force devices, which take the appropriate action to optimize suspension system performance. The use of the magnetic rheological force devices supplants traditional stabilizer bars and the associated linkages, fasteners, brackets and insulators. That is the suspension system definition.

To know the suspension system definition, we have to know what it contains of. It has motorcycle suspension, bicycle suspension, leaf spring, air suspension, rear suspension and so on.

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