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What's the price of aluminium composite panel

Dec 5, 2015

    Aluminium composite have many advantages than other composite componets such as low Density,strong strength ,good dimensional,stable stability, high plasticity, added components improved strength aluminum composite, but reduced the plasticity.Abrasion resistance, high abrasion resistance is one of the characteristics of aluminum composites (increased the amount of SiC, Al2O3 ) . Anti-Fracture Toughness . Besides all good features of PVDF panel, but also coats PE(Polyester) paint and because of its excellent flexibility, sound insulation and other features.

 Do you know the price of aluminium composite ?Features of such aluminium composite included uniform color, smooth surface, easy to make, but the disadvantage of this aluminium composite is the middle of the aluminium composite containing toxic ingredients, release gas in the combustion when reach high temperatures .When use it in both internal and external wall,it will cause environmental pollution, while aluminum and PVC sandwich with cement pressure synthesis, due to its composite strength not high,  pull hardly between the two then they can be separated and laminated for the aluminum.

 Under these characteristics, aluminium composite panel has been used in many different applications.For example,1. used in automotive industry 2.Aerospace Application 3.Electronics and Optical instruments Application

 4.Sporting goods application.According to the price of aluminium composite panel,it can be classified into different types.Different types of aluminium composite panel have different price.Aluminium composites can replace the wood and metal material to make tennis rackets, fishing rods, golf rackets and skis board, etc.If aluminium composite panel is used in this kind of application ,the cost for it would not be very high.So the price for selling aluminium composite would not be high.Also aluminum composites can also be created as inertial navigation system precision parts, rotating scanning mirror, infrared observations mirror, laser mirror, the laser gyroscope,mirror, mirror base and optical instruments brackets and many other precision instruments and optical instruments.If aluminium composite is used at this kinf of application,then the price would be very high.

With the development of modern science and technology, material requirements have been increased for material properties , especially in the aerospace industry ,in order to manufacture lightweight and flexible, high-performance aircraft, satellites, we need high quality materials .Aluminum composite materials just be able to meet this requirement.At the same time ,the cost for this kind of application would not be so high.So we should get familiar with different types of aluminium composite panelto avoid being cheated.

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