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Difficulties of Project Management Construction

Dec 5, 2015

  As is known to all, project management construction is a vital specialized course of civil engineering major, which consists of several important objectives such as quality, time and cost. The study programs of project management construction in universities usually are designed to equip students with more professional expertise than special practical ability.

In consideration of safety, limited time and some other factors, education in school tend to teach students theoretical knowledge. However, education simply tells employers what a student has learned while experience shows them what he can do. In spite of the fact that teachers will lead students to do an internship in certain construction sites, it’s still fat from enough for them to get perfectly skilled. As a result, university curriculum fails to meet the need of practical work of project management construction.

Yet, such imbalance between theory and practice based on project management construction is understandable from one perspective. Compared with those who work in construction business, students surely have to focus on studies or exams.

Staff and engineers spend much time at the office and field locations, working and managing with documents concerning site plans, blueprints, specification sheets and so on. Therefore, with years of experience, they often appear to be more competent and calm than fledgling youngsters when confronting problems occurring on site. Besides, construction companies will offer staff timely training related to project management construction so as to advance with the times and develop in a scientific way. 

In this case, it’ll be quite difficult for schools to have sufficient financial support.

What’s more, there exist potential security issues in project management construction process, so that’s why workers around construction sites always wear a helmet. Allowing for risks and technical complexity, internship organized by university is confined to some activities within safe levels. Needless to say, neither the school nor the practice base wants to undertake responsibilities or compensate for loss if there should be an accident.

Then what to do? Is there anything the education system can do to improve students’ abilities? 

To put it in a nutshell, campus activities about project management construction ought to be held as much as possible in order to help students of this major combine theory with social practice to learn. In addition, intramural and external teaching bases for project management construction must be made full use of according to the characteristics of high vocational education and the market.

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