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Why do we need cctv cameras

Dec 2, 2015

    In our daily life, we often can see cctv camera in many places. Have you ever think about why do we need cctv cameras? what role does the cctv camera? why so many people use it? Let's easy to understand why do we need cctv cameras?

    CCTV camera is used in the field of security cameras, and its pixel resolution higher than the computer video head, less than a professional digital camera or dv. Surveillance cameras are mostly just a single video capture device, rarely have data save function.thenwhy do we need cctv cameras?

    Prevention first, and the criminal have deterrent and warning effect, following leads, provide evidence for criminal detection. This is the first reason why do we need cctv cameras? and then at night, the infrared camera attached people invisible infrared light of infrared light to illuminate objects photographed, infrared imaging after objects reflected into the camera. Induction infrared camera by CCD, and CDD is able to sense all the light (visible light, infrared and ultraviolet ray, etc.), so in the absence of visible light, infrared camera can be captured image is invisible to the naked eye. This is a second reason for why do we need cctv cameras?

    CCTV camera is more and more important in our life, it can not only protect our personal property safety ,but also can help the police solve crimes as early as possible. after watching the above introduction, hope everyone is simple to understand for why do we need cctv cameras. if you want to more in-depth understanding, can go to check the information.

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