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How does a cctv camera work

Dec 2, 2015

    Do you know how does a cctv camera work? cctv camera is a very common things in our lives, we all know it is used to monitor an area, but how does a cctv camera work?

   CCTV camerais an important part of the monitoring industry and it is the main equipment of monitoring the front-end equipment. then how does a cctv camera work ? with traffic intersection under the camera as an example to explain how does a cctv camera work?

    We often find the city almost every traffic intersections are equipped with cameras, it can take illegal driving, or when the traffic accident scene photos, camera lens is equivalent to a convex lens, it works like a camera, a car after crossing imaging will be more and more small, farther and farther away from the camera, because the vehicle is the formation of the video stream is the real-time image of the link up, become a smooth image display; Each imaging cameras at the same time through the signal transmission in the monitoring host, monitoring host and hard disk video recorder is fit, through to acceptance of signal processing, stored in hard disk video recorder in monitoring host can play video, broadcast video can be displayed on the screen. surveillance cameras can also be a surveillance cameras, mainly has the bolt, the ball machine and the hemisphere, the bolt monitoring scope is limited, because it's point of view does not automatically rotate, if not for mobile, video range is certain, the ball machine and hemisphere can be mobile, hemisphere machine can rotate 180 degrees, the ball machine can rotate 360 degrees. this is the how does a cctv camera work?

    Only we know thow does a cctv camera work can it be better applied to our practical work, having see this example I hope you got a general idea on the working principle of the cctv camera.

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