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What are the Primary Ways Solar Panel Energy is Used?

Apr 19, 2016

Solar  energy, which is electricity generated form solar cells in a solar pane, is becoming increasingly common in many aspects of life as people become more environmentally conscious and focus on ways to cut their dependency or usage of power from the National Grid. There are basically 4 platforms or applications where Similar panels are used.

1/ As we mentioned above, many home-owners or commercial premises are switching to solar power to cut the price of their electricity bills. Very often this is in tandem with the National Grid supply and is used for water heating and lighting. In some areas power companies will pay or offer a discount for any “surplus” energy that is pumped back into the grid.

2/ Not everyone uses solar energy to subsidize or substitute their National Grid provider. In many cases, solar energy is used as a “fail safe” or backup should their be an outage on the National Grid.  Restaurants, hotels, hospitals and data centres all have some auxiliary back up power source, whether it be a diesel generator or solar panel.3/ So far we have looked at mostly cosmopolitan or suburban usage, however solar power is an ideal energy source for remote, out of the way areas where there is no National Grid.  A holiday beach or mountain cabin may run on solar energy as it is a cleaner, healthier and more cost effective option [in the long run] than the diesel generators of the past. As solar panel prices fall they are also being used in developing countries to bring clean energy to areas outside the local grid.

4/ The last segment is the burgeoning consumer good or appliance sector.  Whilst most of us have probably used a solar powered desk top calculator, these gadgets drew and required precious little power whereas today’s major home appliances draw a substantiation amount more. Advances in solar panel technology have increased the range of appliances able to run from panels.

Solar panel electricity is not just a saving in money terms, but also a more healthy, green alternative to tradition electricity  generation methods such as coal, nuclear or hydro. The increase in small cell use also helps cut back the number of lead and zinc filled batteries being discarded in landfills which end up poisoning the soil for any future use.
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