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Characters of Aluminium Die Casting

Mar 31, 2016

Die casting is the process where one item is replicated en mass by using an easily melted material shaped in a higher heat resistant mould.

Aluminium die casting uses the same process whereby liquid or molten aluminium is poured or [most usually] forced under high pressure into a mould of a predetermined shape. The mould or container is formed by using hardened dies which have been reshaped to the exact size and specifications required in the finished product.

Although once operational this is a simple, cost effective method to faithfully reproduce an item, the initial set up of plant, tools and die is a substantial capital cost so manufacturers look for large volume runs to make a profit. Aluminium die casting produces a finished product that is extremely faithful to the original with a very good finish. Consequently it is used in processes where fine tolerances are required, such as the automotive industry. Some examples of aluminium die casting might be:

automobile engine fittings, aluminium die-casting engine cylinder, die-cast aluminium cylinder gasoline engine cylinder head, valve rocker aluminium die-casting, die-cast aluminium valve seat, aluminium die-casting power accessories, die-cast aluminium motor cover, die-cast aluminium housing, die-cast aluminium pump housing, aluminium die casting construction accessories, decorative accessories aluminium die-casting, die-casting aluminium fence parts, aluminium die-cast aluminium wheels, engine production, motorcycle manufacturing, motor manufacturing, transmission machinery, precision instruments, landscaping tools.
Die-cast aluminium offers good fluidity and plasticity, so you can make a variety of complex shapes with high precision and excellent surface finish. This is important in decreasing the cost of time, electricity and labour, in hand finishing the components.  It has become the new darling of the die-casting industry.

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