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What are the classification of electronic circuit boards materials?

Mar 30, 2016

   Do you know the electronic circuit boards?What are the classification of electronic circuit boards materials?

   The electronic circuit boards materials can be divided into two categories: rigid substrate and flexible substrate material.
   The important varieties is generally the rigid substrate material. It is reinforced materials (Reinforeing material), in dipped with resin adhesive, through drying, cutting and stacking synthetic billet and copper clad laminates, steel plate as a mold, in the hot press under high temperature and high pressure forming and made.

Prepreg for multilayer board, CCL is in the production process of semi-finished products (mostly glass cloth impregnated with resin, drying and processing).

   There are many kinds of classification method of copper-clad plate. According to the general board reinforcement of different materials can be divided into: base paper, glass fiber cloth composite based (CEM), build up multilayer base plate and special materials based (ceramic, metal core base, etc.) the five categories. If the board adopts resin adhesive according to different classification, common paper based CCI. A: phenolic resin (XPc, XxxPC, FR 1, FR 2 etc.), epoxy resin (FE 3), such as various types of polyester resin.Common glass fiber cloth CCL epoxy resin (FR 4, fr a 5), it is currently the most widely used glass fiber cloth type. And other special resin (with glass fiber cloth, poly amide fibers, non-woven as extra material): BMI to imide triazine resin (BT), polyimide (PI), dimethyl phenyl ether resin (PPO), maleic anhydride imide -- styrene resin (MS), poly (cyanate ester resin, a polyolefin resin etc..

   According to the classification of CCL flame retardant performance,the electronic circuit boards can be divided into flame retardant (UL94 VO, UL94 V1) and flame retardant (UL94 HB). For nearly one or two years, with more emphasis on environmental issues, the flame retardant CCL and gives a new class of compounds not containing bromine CCL variety, can be called "green flame retardant cCL". With the rapid development of electronics technology,the electronic circuit boards have higher performance requirements.Therefore, the performance of CCL's classification,it can be divided into general properties of CCL low dielectric constant, high heat resistance, CCL CCL (the general board of the L at 150 DEG C), low coefficient of thermal expansion of CCL (usually used to package substrate type etc.).

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