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The introduction of diode rectifier circuit

Mar 30, 2016

Do you know the diode rectifier circuit?And do you know the function of diode rectifier circuit?The diode rectifier circuit is one of rectifier.So let's look the introduction of rectifier circuit.

   Rectifier circuit (circuit rectifying) is the AC power can be converted to DC power circuit. Most of the rectifier circuit is composed of the transformer, the rectifier main circuit and filter. The function of the rectifier circuit is to convert the AC buck circuit to the output voltage of the lower alternating current into a unidirectional pulsating direct current.

   1,rectifier circuit in the power supply circuit is a halfwave rectifier circuit and fullwave rectification circuit and a bridge type rectifying three, voltage doubling rectifier circuit for other AC signal of rectifier, such as used in light emitting diode level indicator circuit,the audio signal rectifier.

   2, the first three kinds of rectifier circuit output of the one-way pulsating DC electrical characteristics are different, halfwave rectifier circuit output voltage is only half a week, so this kind of one-way pulsating direct current main component is still 50Hz.

   Component device

   The rectifier circuit be divided into three kinds of non controllable circuit, semi control circuit, and the diode rectifier circuit
   1) the uncontrolled rectifier circuit is composed of uncontrollable diode, the circuit structure is certain after the ratio of the DC rectification voltage and the AC power supply voltage value is fixed

   2) the semi control rectifier circuit is composed of controllable elements and diodes. In this circuit, the load power supply polarity can not be changed, but the average value can be adjusted.

  3) in full controlled rectifier circuit, rectifying elements all are controllable (SCR, GTR, GTO), the output DC voltage average value and polarity can be through the control elements of the traffic situation,in this circuit, power can not only by the power transmitted to the load,but it also can be by load feedback to the power, that is, the so-called active inverter.

   According to the circuit structure

   The diode rectifier circuit can be divided into zero circuit and bridge circuit

1) the circuit of zero point or neutral point, also called half wave circuit. The cathode (or anode) of all the rectifying elements are connected to a common point, which is supplied to the DC load, and the other wire of the load is connected with the zero point of the AC power supply.

2) the bridge circuit is actually made up of 2.5 wave circuits, so it is also called the whole wave circuit.
3 )according to the power grid, AC input phase is divided into single-phase circuit, three-phase circuit and multiphase circuit

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