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The introduction of digital audio cables

Mar 30, 2016

 Digital audio cables,the standard for SPDIF (Sony / Philips Digital Interface), which are jointly developed by Sony and Philips,on the backplane of the audio and video equipment in digital audio cables for marking, they mainly provide digital audio signal transmission. The joint is divided into RCA and BNC two.Digital audio cablesis are audio interface,they both have input and output functions,the digital audio cables are different from previous audio interface,they are the microphone input interface) interface and headphones or stereo (output interface) interface together.Digital audio cables (Digital Coaxial) is the use of the S/PDIF interface output digital audio interface. The digital audio cables have two concentric conductor, conductor and shielding layer share the same axis.Digital audio cables ar ecomposed of a copper conductor insulation isolation, impedance.

75 ohms, external in insulating materials is another layer of annular conductor and insulator, the cable sheath consists of PVC or Teflon wrapped.

   The advantages of the digital audio cables is stable impedance, high bandwidth, to ensure the quality of audio. Although the standard connector of digital audio cables to the BNC connector, but the coaxial digital wire on the market is RCA joint. Digital coaxial interface using impedance for 75 ohm coaxial cable as the transmission medium, the utility model has the advantages of is constant impedance, wide transmission frequency band, high quality coaxial cable bandwidth of up to hundreds of MHz. Digital coaxial transmission line standard joint by BNC head, the impedance is 75 ohm, 75 ohm coaxial cable with, can ensure the constant impedance, ensure the correct signal transmission. That is to say ,in the transmission wire collocation,it should be 75 ohm coaxial wire for the transmission of high frequency digital signal as the standard collocation.
Digital coaxial audio cable.

It is surrounded by Dolby AC3 and DTS digital audio and home theater specifically designed to provide more clear, more natural, more realistic sound experience for you, he is an essential tool for digital home theater system.

   Coaxial digital audio cable


   With high precision specifications of black PVC insulation, anti abrasion, anti interference, strong flexibility;

Using pure oxygen free copper wire and multilayer shielding design, conductivity, strong anti electromagnetic interference;

24K gold, RCA precision machining connecting head, conductivity, corrosion resistance and;

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