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Features and Industrial Uses of Coloured Aluminium Foil

Mar 30, 2016

Because of its excellent characteristics aluminium foil is, widely used in industry producing food, beverages, cigarettes, pharmaceuticals, photographic plate, household items, and cooking utensils. It is generally used as packaging materials; electrolytic capacitor materials; buildings, vehicles, ships, houses and other insulation materials; also as a decorative substance in the form of gold and silver foil, Coloured foil lends itself well to  all kinds of stationery, printed wallpaper, decorations,  trademarks and light industrial products.. In the various applications,  its high level of performance means it is most effectively used as a packaging material. Aluminium foil is a flexible metal film, combining  moisture-proof, airtight, shading, and abrasion resistance, Non fragrant, non-toxic and tasteless are some of its advantages, but its elegant silver-white lustre, ease of processing and ability to be produced in a variety of colours  and beautiful patterns patterns makes it attractive to people of all ages.

Combining aluminium foil and paper and plastic composite not only increases the durability and strength of the alumina foil but the addition of the the elements creates general  shielding properties and a barrier against water vapour, air, ultraviolet light and bacteria. These properties, when combined with heat seal ability of the plastic blends further improves the packaging material and greatly broadens the application market for aluminium foil. Such packaged goods are fully insulated and protected against the outside light, wetness, gas or other pollutants. When used for packaging and storage of cooked food manufactures can guarantee that their product will stay fresh for at least a year.  
Furthermore, the ability to quickly open, heat and eat the contents is very convenient and welcomed by consumers.

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