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Do you know the pbc circuit design?

Mar 29, 2016

Do you know the pbc circuit design?And do you know the pbc circuit design?What do you think the pbc circuit design?Do you think the pbc circuit design is difficult?Well,the pbc circuit design is a science techology,and it must be precise.

   The name of the circuit boards are: circuit boards, PCB plate, aluminum plate, high-frequency plate, copper plate thickness, PCB, impedance board, thin board, thin board, printed circuit board (copper etching technology) etc..

   According to the circuit board layer to the right which is divided into single panel, double sided and multilayer circuit board, the three main categories.

The printed circuit board, and the printed circuit board, printed circuit board. English referred to as PCB or PWB,it is an important electronic components, electronic components supporting body,it is the electrical connection of electronic components provider. Because it is the use of electronic printing, it is called "printed circuit board".

Studing on the automatic detection system of printed circuit board of the junior high school began about 90 years period,it has just started.People who engaged in scientific research institutes of the research in this area is also less, but it also because of the influence of various factors,for the study of automatic optical inspection system for printed circuit board defect also stay at a relatively early level.

   Electromagnetic compatibility refers to the ability ,which the electronic equipment is still able to coordinate and work effectively in a variety of electromagnetic environments. The purpose is to make the electronic equipment not only can inhibit
   For a variety of foreign interference,so that the electronic device can work in the electromagnetic environment in particular, but it also can reduce the electronic equipment itself on other electronic devices and electromagnetic interference.

The cost advantage of labor force,the transfer of manufacturing to the Chinese

   Due to the preferential measures in Asia labor resources, market, investment and tax policy, to attract manufacturing in the United States and Europe to Asia, especially Chinese transfer. Chinese is richly endowed by nature conditions, a large number of electronic products and equipment manufacturers to set up factories in the mainland Chinese, and thus promote the development of related industries.


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